Sunday, 6 March 2016

7 Tips to control time

Understands every successful in the world that the time is to invest the region which is owned by, and is also aware that everything, even money, you can get it back, with the exception of the time, what I can not go get it back, no matter how long. How if you can control the value of this mission? Many people may not feel the importance of time, and pass it long hours without doing something that is a this report we collected some tips that will help you manage your time and not vice versa

1. Use the time management applications
This is the case if it were not like the use of pen and paper to record Modified. You get used to writing a simplified schedule of tasks that you do every day. This table will be the first reference for you; to make sure that every hour in your day filled with doing something values, this does not mean, of course, to work, it may be to sit down with their parents and playing sports something of value, but just make sure that the void spaces throughout the day not so great
2. Keep a Broke and your personal computer with you always
If you are traveling or on your way to do so vigorously, always kept Barrack or at least a book with you. Often things do not go as planned, and have to wait for long periods until the end the task. During the waiting periods you can browse a book or do some clerical work on your personal computer instead of waiting without work anything.
3. Put a specific time each task carried out by
Put clear limits for each job to do, and that means to put each task carried out by a specific time, trying as much as possible not to exceed this time. That will take a lot of training, of course, but with time and experience you can do best.
4. Do not be afraid to say "No!"
One of the very important things, and influential in wasting the time of many people, unfortunately, is the lack of ability on the word "say no." Do not accept any offer to come to you from friends or went out to go to a certain place, only accept offers that are commensurate mainly with your schedule, and are courteous and gentle you can rest offers rejected.
5. Time values
How equal time of your life? Have you ever asked yourself this question before? I mean, a lot of companies and institutions, now, people assess the salaries according to receiving it every hour, do you by assessing the physical contrast per hour of work carried out? This information may help you understand the importance of time.
6. Use the 25/5 rule
There are famous rule that says: up to be done in the business, do work on something specific without distracting for 25 minutes, then relax for five minutes. This means that during work is not subjected to any form of dispersion or draw attention, and instead you concentrate fully in play.
7. Get enough rest
Work does not mean in any way that man is a premium on adequate rest do not get. If it does not adequately am relieved a day, it means the inability to continue to do your business properly. Rest task, and therefore it is important to add to your schedule enough of them on time.

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