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7 financial mistakes of the rich is not located where

What is the result of lessons learned by the rich over the long journey from the arduous attempts failed and successful ones, if he returned each time an entrepreneur back? What are the mistakes that learned the lessons and Aha well no longer repeat again, dealing with money is not easy and requires the pioneers of private businesses who have achieved successes them a lot of time to learn to invest and deal with money skills, the common property of all the entrepreneurs that they went through a lot of trials failed before they reach a high level of knowledge and confidence in themselves, what if the financial mistakes that are no longer committed by the rich?

1. Not to invest in yourself

If you believe that the money that you do not own now whatever might have to re-think again, the fact that you have the most money wealth a time, in order to get the money you first have to invest in yourself, that fact known to the rich well and working out constantly, rich people do not turn to money and forgetting about learning, continuous learning, which does not stop, in fact, this is the most important value in the successful entrepreneurs that they are able to focus on themselves and develop their skills continuously, do not focus on the collection of money and forget yourself and your skills development.

2. Spend money on things that are not essential

There is a misconception that entrepreneurs rich spend money on a lot of entertainment, such as the purchase of luxury cars and mansions huge, the fact that this is not true, most of the entrepreneurs who started their lives from scratch live in modest homes and moving cars not much different from the cars of the middle class, password for this is that entrepreneurs are aware of the value of money, remember that they are at some point in their lives they do not have anything with lots of fatigue and effort were able to realize their dreams, enjoying entrepreneurs their lives but in the acceptable limit, which does not waste money on things that are not essential and not helpful, of course.

3. Borrowing for basic needs

There is such a famous saying those who borrow in order to address the food will not be able to make money, the meaning of this parable those who borrow for daily basic needs will never be able to rely on himself and will continue throughout his life owes to the owner of the loan or credit card and the bank, if you were not borrow for the urgent needs of the very necessary not never borrow and look for another way whatever was for the money, the rich do not borrow and not wearing a guillotine beheading under debt and interest rates, which increase with time and go to the banks.

4. The failure to invest the money and keep it in the bank

Money found in your bank account, or even in a safe in the house loses its value over time, the rich do not keep money butter investing, you may be strange investment someone who does not have a lot of money of the term but even though they have in the bank account a few hundred then you should seriously think about invest this money in a profit-generating project, the rich know that money makes more money, the truth is that if you invest $ 100 a day after the 50-year-old will be worth almost more than one million and one hundred thousand dollars, maybe you'll think of it well if.

5. Work for money

Position is the clearest working example for the money, imagine a person working eight hours a day or more in order to obtain a salary is barely enough basic needs, the rich do not work for money but for their goals and dreams and those goals up with time to the point you were a key reason for the money, it's fine to think of money when working on a project or an idea, but at the same time place the monument eye to what will succeed is your dream, not your desire to profit more money.

6. Inability to cope with the physical conditions

You are working for a large company and function of the prestigious Excellent salary, with time, the company has decided to expel a number of staff and your name on the list, how would you react? Can you adapt to the new financial situation experienced, the rich know the value of rapid acclimatization because their lives filled with lots of surprises that usually lose a lot of money and are forced to start from scratch again.

7. Rush to achieve success and profit

All articles on the Internet that talk about how you can become rich in days will not be helpful at all, to get the money through business and "going into business" requires a lot of effort and time, perhaps years, so you can call yourself the title of a person of wealth and the intervention in rich List, entrepreneurs realize the value of time and not rush gatherers do not have waived their dreams early, spend a lot of years until they eventually realize their dreams.

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