Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Scooter the First Time

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This editorial aims at guiding first time scooter owners to properly start their scooter without blowing anything out.

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Dos & don'ts:

one. If the scooter is 50 or 150cc, don't try the electrical start; at first kick start only 

two. Do not, under any circumstance, try to jump start the scooter 
three. Avoid using a charger. The engine will recharge the battery when it is started. If a charger is used, insure it is a motorbike charger set to no over two amps 
four. If the scooter is equipped with an alarm, do not try the alarm or the remote start until the scooter started 
five. Buy the costliest fuel & fill the gas tank all the way up 
6. Do not use any fuel additives or carburetor cleaner solution 
7. One time the scooter is started, be prepared to ride it for at least 15 minutes to charge the battery - letting the engine charge the battery is by far the best

Keep in mind that a brand new battery is very fragile. If it runs all the way down, it may get permanent damaged as well as destroy other parts such as the fuse, voltage regulator & / or the CDI unit. In order to protect the battery & the other parts, all 50cc & 150cc scooters ought to be first started with the kick start then try the electrical start a couple times as described below.

Since most 250cc scooters don't have a kick start, 250cc scooter owners ought to follow the electrical start procedure.

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Kick start procedure:

Try the electrical start only AFTER having tried to start the bicycle as described above with the kick-start.

one. Fill the gas tank all the way up with the best gasoline available 

two. Put the bicycle on the middle stand 
three. Check that the kill switch is pointed towards the circle, not the X 
four. If the scooter came with remote, click the UNLOCK consecutive times 
five. Turn the key to the on position 
6. Speed up all the way & keep throttle open of one second, repeat thrice 
7. Unfold the kick-start; gently push it down along with your foot half way 
8. Let the kick start come back up 
9. Kick the kick start vigorously three or four times in a row ensuring the starter goes all the way down & comes all the way back up every time 
ten. Then keep on accelerating all the way (step 6) & kicking all the way a few times (step 9) 
11. Do not speed up while kicking

Electric start procedure:

one. Follow steps one to 6 in the kick-start procedure above 

two. Hold the rear brake 
three. Gently turn the accelerator to pickup the slack; do not speed up, hold the slack 
four. Press the beginning button for three seconds & let go 
five. Speed up all the way & let go, hold any slack in the throttle 
6. Press the beginning button for three seconds & let go 
7. Let the electrical start motor chilled down for 30 or 40 seconds & repeat the steps above more time.

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