Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Professional Home Builder

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How To Be Of The Best Spec Builders In Your Area

Before you buy a lot, before you buy any house designs, the first thing I need you to do is put together your success team. I call this the Henry Ford philosophy. In case you read about Henry Ford, you'd learn that some people thought about him to be illiterate. They one time sued a Chicago newspaper that wrote an article claiming they was illiterate. In the lawsuit, Henry Ford emphasized that they didn't need to know everything about everything because they hired specialists to assist him in all that they desired to do. This left his mind free and clear to do all the things that they knew how to do. Well, I have learned from that philosophy myself over the years. I recognize there is not time in this life to do everything. I now hire specialists to assist me in my decision-making, and it's been a positive factor in my success building homes.

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Your success team ought to include the following:

one. Actual Estate Agent

three. Artist/Architect

two. Landscape Architect

four. Kitchen/Bath Designer

five. Interior Designer

6. Lighting Designer

I'll speak about each of these team members in detail as they go through the coursework. Don't be concerned. When you start out, you don't need the best. These team members are more affordable than you could possibly imagine.

B. Obtaining Your First Loan

Let me tell you a narrative. And the further you get away from this story, the harder it is going to be to borrow money to start.

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Let's assume that you are gainfully employed. If you are not employed, but in lieu are self-employed, then you need to have a high credit score or produce tax returns for the past years to qualify for the loan. In case you currently rent a home or apartment and you need to build a home for yourself, you are a prime candidate to borrow money to build a home - for yourself. So, you get the money. You build a home. You put it on the market in the coursework of construction. You sell it. You go to the bank. You borrow money under the same premise. You get the money. You build a home. Put it up on the market. Sell it. Do it over and over again and soon you walk in to the bank and the banker looks at you and says, gosh, you ought to become a home builder. And you are.

Now, that is the simplest way to start. Most every builder I do know got started in the industry this way. This system will also give you the least risk. Why? Because in case you don't sell the home you'll basically move in to it. In turn, this will make it simpler for you to sell because a home that is furnished will normally sell faster than an unfurnished home. You'll finally sell it and can start the process again. The bad news is that you may be moving a lot. I keep in mind couple that desired to own a home free and clear. They used this system on homes, plowing their profit back in to each home. Their sixth home was constructed from money. They owned it free and clear and got out of the construction business. They basically desired to do what it took to own their home free and clear.

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