Sunday, 7 February 2016

Planning Online Courses

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Find out who they are.

I ask my students at the beginning of my courses to introduce themselves. This helps me to understand a tiny more about them and when they do leave a message in the coursework, it is a great opportunity for me to ask them a query and keep the discussion going.

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This knowledge is powerful.

When you talk with them or message with them start looking for key phrases of knowledge about their struggles, motivations, goals, ambitions and objectives. These pieces of knowledge are golden and will be valuable when they come to discuss the next section - Issues.

By being specific about your audience, you will resonate with them. In the event you keep your definition broad, in order to capture a wide audience, you will resonate with no-one. When you start it is better to focus on niche but as time goes on you can address multiple niches along with your courses.

Do not be afraid to niche your audience down.

Even give them a name. Who are they married to or in a partnership with? Have they got children? Where do they live? What is their home like? What is their income? Have they got a automobile? The more you can fill out this profile, the more you can get to know them.

Try to generate an outline written profile of your Avatar.

When you generate your courses for them, it is much simpler to feel that you are speaking directly to them, engaging with them. Although you are making courses for hundreds, if not thousands, of students, it is still a personal process of transmitting knowledge. In the coursework there's only ever people. You, the instructor, and the student and the more you can make your courses feel intimate and personal, the better will be the student experience.

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This is of the reasons I think that Alun Hill is so successful. They works hard to answer all the questions and discussions along with his students and when you take his courses, you feel as if they is speaking directly to you. They does not lecture in the traditional sense of the word, they communicates the knowledge you need to know in a relaxed and no nonsense way that makes you feel that you know him as well as they seems to know you.

This is not an accident nor is it simple to do well. Lots of courses I have taken have appeared as if the instructor was delivering knowledge to a disembodied spirit somewhere. Learn from this by getting to know your audience and you will generate better courses.

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