Sunday, 7 February 2016

IIM Abstract GD Topics

IIM Abstract GD Topics

Here are few guidelines for you to start your 

preparation for IIM Abstract GD topics:

one) The first thing is to pick a list of five Abstract GD 
Topics that come across as total puzzles to you. Get 
a list of Abstract GD topics. For example:

- A drop is mightier in the ocean

- Water burns over fire

- The Yellow canary

- Red or Black

Make positive that you pick topics that 
paralyse you ability to start. This is important 
because getting over the fear now is better than 
when you are in the actual Group Discussion

trending topics

- Golden shackles are better than iron ones

- two on Economics

two) Now for each IIM Abstract GD topic, make ten 
points on each topic. each of the two points ought to be 
related to:

- two on Politics

- two on Sports

- two on Surroundings

- two on Entertainment/Humor/Movies

One time you realise that you can say anything on these 
Abstract GD topics by dividing them in to these 
separate sub sections then you can be truly creative 
& let go of the fear of what to say.

three) Time your self: Give your self only two minutes to 
list the ten subsections of each topics. Write only

trending topics

a single word to describe what you need to say, & 
then elaborate the point verbally by practicing in 
front of a mirror. The more you practice keeping only a written point to start & then practice verbally the remaining viewpoint will hardwire the words in to your memory. Make positive that you keep your viewpoints limited to three minutes of speaking time so that you can make ten points in the shortest time feasible.

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